Derek is one of the most motivated, inspirational, humble people we know. He is committed to growing his salon brand through quality services, continuing education for his team and by being a role model for all hairdressers. We have multiple ARROJO cosmetology school alumni employed at D.Anthony Salon and we love that we have such a great salon to help hire & train our graduates for the future of our industry! 

Arrojo Cosmetology School
Tribeca/Soho NYC

Derek is amazing! I absolutely love the haircuts he taught us! I also use all of the different techniques he taught us on a daily basis. The correct body position and hand positions have made things so much easier!!! Great class!!! 

Shaina Eryn
All That Glitters Salon
Palm Harbor, FL

Derek kills haircutting! Always enjoy having him come to our salon and teach us new techniques! 

Maranda Rose Adams
All That Glitters Salon
Palm Harbor, FL

When I saw Derek present at Arrojo Expo, I started following him. I support Arrojo education and saw that he did as well. Being a busy stylist, salon owner and trying to incorporate a training program for my salon, I knew I had to reach out for advice. I had Derek travel to my salon for a two day hands-on education for my team. The second day he worked with my new stylist to help me get her started with discipline on cutting techniques. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, but especially for a new stylist that would never get this opportunity on their own. It took her confidence to a whole new level. I was seeking someone that could understand what I was experiencing on my level, He offered great insight on our culture, business and shared his experiences as well. Derek is so real, knowledgeable and compassionate about education. I look forward to working with Derek again!!

Sherry Almaroad
Cheveux Salon

In the course of my career I have taken several razor-cutting classes. Hands down, Derek’s razor class is the best of them all. Through his well-developed method and ability to communicate with clarity and patience, I learned solid techniques that give me new confidence when using the razor. Derek truly has a gift for teaching.

Art Cortez
Gleam Salon

As a recent graduate, my one-on-one session with Derek was just what I needed to start my career. By working with him I gained invaluable knowledge about technique and what it takes to be successful in this profession. His patience and easy to follow teaching methods make him one of the best to learn from.

Tori Ladd
Cheveux Salon
Marion, Illinois

The first time I used my Arrojo razor was when I took Derek’s Intro to Razor class. We spent the first portion of the class learning the makeup of the razor itself, how to safely and effectively hold it, change the blade, and much more. We then went into 4 different haircuts. I couldn’t wait to get back to my salon and implement what I learned. Since taking that class, I have not put the razor down. Looking forward to booking an advanced razor class with Derek.

Alexis Hoban
Odyessy Hair Studio
Philadelphia, PA

Need to learn how to cut? Call Derek. Need to learn how to teach? Call Derek. Need to learn how to motivate & stay motivated? Call Derek. But seriously, Derek is the only hairdresser I have encompassed that can talk all the languages in the industry with passion and precision. Not only behind the chair but behind the scenes in true business form. Every mentor needs a mentor & he is one of mine.

Desirre Escobedo
Lavish Hair Lounge
Albuquerque, NM