Salon Classes

Scissor Foundation

Derek will take you through fundamental haircutting with scissors and will help you understand the value of discipline and precision. The haircuts covered in this one or two day class are:

One Day:
Classic Long Layer
Classic Layered Bob
Two Day (includes both haircuts above):
Classic Graduated Bob
Classic Round Graduation
Scissor Upgrade
Now that you have conquered the discipline it takes to be a great scissor cutter, learn the art of disconnection, asymmetry, and undercutting. In this class you will take the next step towards scissor mastery.
Intro to Razor
The razor forever changed Derek’s career. Learn what it can do for you and your career in this up close and personal interaction and training with the straight edge blade.
Razor Upgrade
Now that you are feeling comfortable with the razor, this class is the perfect next step for you. Explore and discover the various techniques of the straight razor and further understand the limitless possibilities in your work.
$150 per stylist (5 stylist minimum)
(Travel Expenses additional)