About Derek Anthony

Passionate speaker. Motivated salon owner. Platform artist. Business coach and mentor. This is the skill set that makes Derek Anthony an in-demand instructor and hairdresser across the Nation. Working on stages across America as Nick Arrojo’s Style Council Member and Platform Educator, Derek inspires hairdressers to take their careers and their passion to new heights. He has become a razor specialist and has embraced the culture of education as the backbone of his brand and his business. Training apprentices weekly at his Studio, Derek helps develop young stylists and mentors them to reach their full potential. His delivery, passion, and ambition is what sets him apart as an excellent resource for those looking to take their career to the next level.



What People Are Saying

Derek is one of the most motivated, inspirational, humble people we know. He is committed to growing his salon brand through quality services, continuing education for his team and by being a role model for all hairdressers. We have multiple ARROJO cosmetology school alumni employed at D.Anthony Salon and we love that we have such a great salon to help hire & train our graduates for the future of our industry! 

Arrojo Cosmetology School
Tribeca/Soho NYC

Derek kills haircutting! Always enjoy having him come to our salon and teach us new techniques! 

Maranda Rose Adams
All That Glitters Salon
Palm Harbor, FL

Derek is amazing! I absolutely love the haircuts he taught us! I also use all of the different techniques he taught us on a daily basis. The correct body position and hand positions have made things so much easier!!! Great class!!! 

Shaina Eryn
All That Glitters Salon
Palm Harbor, FL


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